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The 5 Best Bird Foods For Finches In 2022

Feeding birds can be such a wonderful experience. Different types of bird food can attract a variety of bird species into your backyard which can be amazing to watch.

However, have you ever thought about the type of food that you put out for your feathery friends? Does it make a difference which ones you choose to buy?

There are many varieties of bird food on the market to buy and it is fair to say that depending on which ones you decide to buy will heavily determine what birds you attract to your backyard. These days there is a whole host of specialist commercial bird feeds available that are targeted at different breeds.

Certain seeds and grains attract certain bird types and therefore it is vitally important you select the right kind. A popular type of bird that may visit your backyard is finches although it can be very difficult to decide what to feed them.

So what is the best bird food for finches? Finches are attracted to nyjer seeds and sunflower hearts, so you will find that many commercial bird feeds designed for finches include these ingredients. Small, resealable packaging is also ideal since finch food contains quality ingredients that expire quickly since they are naturally sourced and don’t contain preservatives.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the very best bird foods for finches on the market and where you can purchase these brands.

5 Bird Food Brands That Are Perfect For Finches

Check out these 5 bird feeds that were designed with finches in mind.

1. Kaytee Supreme Finch Food

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Kaytee Supreme bird food for finches is without a doubt one of the very best bird food on the market right now.

It is made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients that provide a well-balanced healthy blend. With added vitamins and minerals and a handy resealable bag, we don’t think you can go wrong with this wonderful brand.

No Unnecessary Bits

There’s nothing worse than buying a bird food that contains lots of added extra that are completely unnecessary. Many manufacturers include these as fillers which limits the number of quality ingredients your birds receive.

The Kaytee Supreme mix contains absolutely no artificial colorings or preservatives providing your finches with the very best natural ingredients with no nasty bits.

Naturally Preserved

It’s amazing how quickly bird food can go off if it isn’t sealed correctly and the Kaytee Supreme bird food for finches ensures that their feed always stays as fresh as it possibly can be. The resealable bags provide barrier proof packaging ensuring that your finches food stays as fresh and as high quality as possible at all times.


  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Preserved naturally
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Fortified to ensure a balanced blend

Value for money

This is such a well-known, trusted brand and with that sometimes comes a slightly higher price compared to competing brands. It is sold in 2lb packs which are reasonably small however the quality of the naturally balanced mix is the perfect blend and we love the handy resealable bag to keep food fresh.

2. ZuPreem FruitBlend For Small Birds

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ZuPreem Fruitblend is quite possibly one of a kind. This brand has not gone down the conventional route of plain and boring looking bird food and has taken a slightly more daring approach.

With plenty of natural flavors and essential vitamins and minerals, we can be sure you will attract lots of finches and songbirds into your backyard with this little delight.

Appealing Mix

The ZuPreem FruitBend is the perfect type of feed to attract finches into your backyard as well as an array of other birds.

Each pellet is brightly colored which is very visually appealing to birds. The delicious taste and fruity flavors mean you may need to keep yourself stocked up with this feed to keep up with demand. Birds absolutely go wild for this blend.

Homegrown Ingredients

It is hard to tell sometimes with bird feeds where the ingredients have been sourced. It is true to say that at times you may not even know truly what you are feeding to your birds.

For complete peace of mind, this product has been made from homegrown grains that originate from North Americas Heartland. The bird food mix has also been made in the USA which can make some customers much more at ease when trying a new product.


  • Colorful, fruity, and highly appealing to birds
  • All grains are sourced within the USA for peace of mind
  • Pellet size pieces that lots of birds prefer
  • Easy to store sized bags

Value for money

ZuPreem is a popular premium brand of bird food products that has a huge following. Customers tend to go back to this product time and time again and the 5*reviews back this up.

This product is sold in both 2lb and 10lb bags and we feel that this works out a little more expensive when comparing to some of the other products on the list. We do however feel this bird food product is quite unique at attracting birds and therefore worth every penny.

3. Volkman Avian Science Super Finch Food

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Volkman Avian Science Super bird food for finches is a fantastic value for money feed that really gives you a bang for your buck!

It is made with some of the best ingredients we have seen and packed with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure your birds stay happy and healthy for much longer.

Human-Grade Ingredients

Human grade ingredients in animal feeds are all the rage these days and we can’t help but agree the quality if so much better. The Volkman Avian Science Super bird food for finches only uses the best clean, all-natural human-grade ingredients in their product which means your birds will be getting the very best of the best available.

Best Value

We couldn’t believe the price on this product and had to take a second look to be sure, but we weren’t wrong. The Volkman Avian Science Super bird food for finches is fantastic value for money! This comes in a 4lb or 8lb bag and both are exceptional on cost.

If you are looking for a cheaper brand that still provides good quality bird food then this is definitely the one for you!


  • All-natural, human-grade ingredients
  • Freshly packed
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Smaller size packets available for those that do not want to bulk buy

Value for money

We absolutely love the price of this product and would consider this accessible for all. We would not go as far as to say this was a budget brand as we believe the inclusion of human-grade, all-natural ingredients is actually falling into more premium brand territory, but there is no question this is the cheapest on our top 5 list.

4. Songbird Selections Finch Food

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Audubon Park Songbird Selectionsis a popular brand of feed that has been around for years. It is a well-trusted brand and receives some amazing reviews from almost everyone who has bought it to feed their finches and songbirds.

It is without a doubt a premium brand that uses some of the best ingredients to attract finches such as nyjer, sunflower, and millet. We love the fact this formula contains no fillers or unnecessary bits.


This product has been NutriThrive enriched and contains all the vital vitamins and minerals your finches need to stay happy and healthy. Vitamins and minerals are vitally important for birds and can assist them with immunity support as well as a healthy reproductive system.

Variety (Sizes)

Audubon Park Songbird Selections come in 3 very convenient sizes. Whether you are looking to buy in bulk or prefer a handy pocket-sized bag this rand has got something to suit everyone’s needs. The easy to use, resealable bag is also an attractive feature that keeps your bird food staying fresh and clean.


  • A fantastic mix of ingredients
  • Easy to seal bag and no-hassle storage
  • A variety of sizes available to buy
  • Family-owned, American made for complete peace of mind

Value for money

We really love this product, but would definitely consider this at the higher end of the scale in terms of price. It is often the case that some of the bigger, more well-known brands increase their prices slightly and whether to purchase or not is usually down to individual choice.

We do, however, think this is a premium brand, with a great mix of attractive ingredients that are worth shelling out for.

5. Lyric Finch Small Songbird Mix

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Lyric is probably one of the most well-known feed brands for birds in general. They provide many different types of foods for birds and their finch small songbird’s mix looks like a well worthy number 5 spot on our list of best foods for Finches.

It is a premium brand that provides a 5 ingredient mix packed full of enticing seeds that we know finches in particular love.

Buy In Bulk

If you are specifically looking to buy in bulk and are fed up with your bird feed running low too quickly then this is very likely the product for you. The Lyric Finch Small Songbird Mix comes in a huge 20lb bag that should be enough to last you a while even with the hungriest of finches around.

For those not looking to go this big, the brand also conveniently provides a much smaller 5lb which is pretty handy if you struggle with storage space.


It’s amazing how many ingredients include gluten. It can be pretty difficult to get away from it particularly for those that are intolerant. It is true to say that not many of us will have the ability to discover if our finches are gluten intolerant however you will find that most bird feeds use ingredients that contain gluten. We love that this feed is gluten-free which means it is a completely natural source of food for birds.


  • Huge 20lb bag for bulk buyers
  • Gluten-free for delicate stomachs
  • A 5 ingredient blend that birds love (includes Nyger seeds and Sunflower kernels)
  • Fantastic value for money!

Value for money

We love the convenience of being able to buy in bulk and we think the price of this product is great value for money. Not everyone wants to regularly buy birdseed and therefore having a stock ready when you need it is the perfect solution. We love the quality and mixture of ingredients this bird food provides and can’t find any faults here!

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