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How Much Do Tarantulas Cost?

Tarantulas are on the grand scale of things quite obscure animals to buy, but can actually make wonderful pets to keep. There is so much to learn about keeping tarantulas and so many questions that come off the back of that. 

If you are looking to purchase your first tarantula, one of your first question s may be related to how much it would cost to buy one. This is a very good question and one that is not always so obvious.

So, how much do tarantulas Cost? Tarantulas can be very cheap or very expensive. This will depend on what type of tarantula you choose to buy and how rare or sought after that tarantula is. For a common type of tarantula that is sold in most pet stores, you should expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $100.

It can be difficult to decide what type of tarantula to buy however price may be a factor in your decision making in addition to temperament and care requirements.

What is the cheapest Tarantula to buy?

There are many types of common tarantula that you will see regularly sold in pet stores such as PetSmart and Petco. A variety of breeders also tend to have regular types that are inexpensive.

The cheapest types of tarantula are usually the easiest breeds to keep in terms of care and handling which, as a first-time owner, is ideal.

The Chilean Rose Hair tarantula is a pretty common type to keep and can be purchased quite easily through most pet stores that sell reptiles. They are generally docile to keep, can be handled with ease, and are probably one of the easiest tarantula species to care for.

This would be a great starting point for any first-time owner. You should expect to pay around $20-$60 for these guys. 

Curly Haired tarantulas are also a good option for first-timers. These are a slow-moving species that are docile and one of the easiest to keep. You should expect to pay about the same price for a Curly Haired and you would a Chilean Rose.

Are some Tarantulas expensive to buy?

Some types of tarantulas can be very expensive to buy and can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to purchase. These types of tarantulas are often very rare and you will not find them in regular pet stores.

Most of these types of purchases will need to be made through a specialist breeder and you will often find tarantulas of this nature are not for first type buyers. 

This is partly due to them having specialist requirements that only an experienced arachnid owner would be familiar with and also partly due to temperament.

You will find that often some of the more expensive breeds of tarantula do not always have the best temperaments, particularly for first-time owners. They move quickly on their feet, are often venomous, and are very territorial meaning tarantula bites are imminent.

It is true to say that not all breeds of tarantula are for the first time buyer and these tend to be the more expensive types that are much harder to find in general (hence the hefty price tag).

What is the most expensive Tarantula to buy?

There are a few species of tarantula that are super expensive to buy. You would be surprised how much money some owners are willing to spend on their new spidery friend. You will usually find that the expensive types are rare and therefore a collector’s dream.

One rather expensive breed that springs to mind is the Colombian Lesserback Tarantula (also known as the Xenesthis immanis). On average these guys sell for $600 however depending on the type and sex can fetch well above $1000.

A fully grown Xenesthis immanis that has bright, beautiful colorations can easily exceed $1300 whilst even a standard Xenesthis immanis can reach $1000.

This is not a breed that you would want to keep as a first-time tarantula owner and it is always advisable to stick to some of the more common species and work your way up to the more sought after expensive breeds if you feel inclined.

How do the prices of Tarantula compare?

There are literally hundreds of types of tarantulas to choose from if you are looking to bring one of these fascinating creatures into your life.

The variety of tarantulas available to buy range from the docile, common tarantula to the very unique and rare. One thing that you can be sure of is a price point to suit any budding arachnid keeper.

Lots of common tarantulas are sold in pet stores throughout the world at very reasonable prices. You can expect on average to pay between $20 and $60 for common types whilst rare, hard to find breeds can reach up to $800 a pop!

Some types of tarantula sell for hundreds of pounds and these tend to be much rarer or more sought after by collectors. It’s pretty astonishing how much some types of tarantulas are being sold for. 

Tarantula Price Comparison [Chart]

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most expensive types of tarantulas available to purchase and what you can expect to pay in terms of cost.


Brazilian Jewel Tarantula


Visually stunning.  Great styling Unique Hunting Strategy


Colombian Lesserback Tarantula

$600  (More for Specific variations)

The most sought after Reins from Columbia Beautiful coloration


Red Island Birdeater Tarantula


A large terrestrial species Purple coloration Large personality


Sumatran Tiger Tarantula


Striped pattern on its abdomen Timid Species Likes to burrow underground


Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula

$350  (some can sell for much more)

Impressive size Becoming very rare Not so easy to breed


Chilobrachys sp. Electric Blue


Electric blue appearance Active and aggressive Love to burrow


Brazilian Giant Blonde Tarantula


The most impressive pink hairs Photosensitive and skittish Huge appetite


Gooty Sapphire Ornamental


Strong venom Fractal pattern on abdomen Critically endangered


Burgundy Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula

$250One of the largest spiders Can live for 20 years! Reasonably easy to care for


Martinique Pink Toe Tarantula


Exceptional agility Highly desired species A good starter tarantula

How much does it cost to feed a Tarantula?

Feeding and caring generally for a tarantula is not as expensive as you may think. It is much cheaper than keeping some other types of pets such as cats and dogs. Food costs are minimal compared to buying tins of meat for cats and dogs and the upkeep is also very small. 

Tarantulas need feeding once a week and these meals will usually consist of mealworms, cockroaches, and crickets which are cheap to buy in pet stores. You can expect to spend about $5 per feed on a tarantula which on the grand scale of things is pretty minimal. 

Some larger species of tarantula should eat live or frozen mice. These can also be purchased quite widely from specialist pet feed stores and although will generally be more expensive than insects are still pretty cheap. A bag of 10 frozen mice can be purchased from about $20 + at Petco.

Aside from feeding costs, the general upkeep for a tarantula is low. They do not need expensive toys, costly housing, or regular visits to the vets for vaccinations.

The biggest cost will be when you first purchase your tarantula and need to buy housing (terrarium), heat lamps, feeding bowls, and items for the terrarium such as decoration plants and items where your tarantula can hide.

After this initial cost, you can expect keeping a tarantula on the grand scale of things to be pretty cost-effective with weekly feed being minimal.


In conclusion, tarantulas can be very cheap to buy and keep. Some tarantulas are far more expensive to purchase than others depending on their availability and type.

Those that are of a specialist or rare breed can be sold for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. The most common types sold widely in pet stores can be picked up for anywhere between $200-$100.

Week to week you will find tarantulas cheap pets to keep. They do not need feeding every day and the type of feed they require can be bought very cheaply compared to feed intended for cats and dogs.

The majority of your costs will be spent at the very beginning when you need to the terrarium, lamps and feeding equipment.