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Dog Keeps Pulling Blanket Out Of Kennel?

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There’s a long-standing clash between cat lovers and dog lovers about the one that ranks as the world’s best pet, but a peaceful resolution to the argument seems unlikely. The only thing that animal lovers will attest to without a reasonable doubt is that dogs make faithful and loyal companions. 

But when it comes to bad behavior, dogs can take the lead when it comes to wreaking havoc. And the most inexplicable behavior of all is to ruin their bedding. Now there are many times when you will witness your beloved pet pull the blanket out of its kennel or bed and drag it all around the house.

In other situations, you’ll see that your dog is scratching and trying to rip the blanket to pieces. Yet, when night approaches and your dog feels the urge to settle down, you may also find that the same blanket that has been a victim of gross injustice throughout the day is now being cuddled lovingly again by your dog.

Why does your dog keep pulling its blanket out of the kennel? In most cases, dogs pull the blanket out of the kennel and play with it as they are urged by instinct. Dogs have ancestors that were scavengers and trained to dig. Other reasons include marking territory, maternal instincts, burrowing, or a fear of the kennel.

Many pet parents are puzzled over such bizarre phenomena. But there is no need to wonder anymore. Read on to find out about the various reasons why your pooch may pull out the blankets from its kennel. 

Why Do Dogs Pull and Tug at Their Blankets?

Moving around the blanket, digging, and scratching are all common canine behaviors. But, it isn’t a problematic behavior. There are several reasons for your dog to pull at its blanket.

1. Wild Instinct

Your domestic pup today comes from a proud line of ancient wolves. And the habit to scratch, whether it be at a pile of leaves or mound of pine needles, is an inherited trait from their wolf ancestors. So you will find your fur baby moving and scratching at its blanket before sleeping to create a snug nest in which to sleep. 

2. Marking Territory

It is standard behavior in canines to mark their territory, whether they be a male or female. So when your dog is rubbing and scratching their blanket, they are marking their blanket as their property with their scent.

Dogs have glands in their paws that secrete a unique scent. The odor is an indication of ownership. This means you may see your dog rubbing their paw not just on their blanket but your bedding as well.

3. Maternal Instincts

Female dogs practice ‘nesting’ before and after giving birth. That is to say that your pregnant doggo is going to dig and rub at her blanket and even carry it around to several locations before finally settling down.

So do not be surprised to see your fluff ball go to great lengths to make a comfortable mound of bedding before her little ones arrive. 

4. Instinctual Burrowing

Smaller breeds of dogs rub and scratch at their blanket as they urge to create ‘tunnels.’ Terriers and other small breeds of dogs were bred for the distinct purpose of flushing out small game from their hiding spots during a hunt. So it is the same behavior that your fur baby replicates. 

Yet burrowing isn’t uncommon in larger breeds of dogs either. You see, large dog breeds often burrow to create a safe spot to sleep and to stay warm. 

5. Fear of the Kennel

If your pup hates being cooped up in a kennel all night and you leave it open during the day, your dog may be pulling their blanket out so that they can enjoy a comfy place to sleep outside of their kennel.

Dog beds and blankets absorb the scent of your dog and become a familiar part of their territory. So if your dog is afraid of their kennel, they will likely take all of their favorite belongings out so they can enjoy them in peace.

It may be helpful to re-train your dog or implement new strategies to show your dog that their kennel is a safe place, like leaving treats inside or covering it at night. However, if your dog is showing signs of anxiety, it’s best to speak to your vet.

Related Questions

It may not be a wonder for you anymore when you witness your dog dragging their blanket out of their kennel and across the floor. But there are many other queries that first-time pet parents have when it comes to their beloved pets. Read on to find out more about some of your dog’s quirky habits.

Why Does My Dog Bring Me Its Blanket?

Your pup may suffer from separation anxiety when you leave them at home for long work hours. A security blanket with your scent on it may serve as a way to help them deal with being apart from you.

It’s also a great idea to hire a dog walker to come spend some time with your pup and let them expel some anxious energy in the middle of the day.

Your dog may also bring their blanket to you to provide you with relief when you’re stressed because they know their blanket is a comfort to them. How sweet is that?

On the flip side, your dog may also bring you their blanket every time you head out the door as the covering provides your dog with a sense of security and familiarity, which helps them deal better in unknown situations or places. 

Why Is My Dog Chewing on Their Blanket?

Dogs chew on everything, as that is how your pup experiences the world. So, it’s little wonder that you will find your dog chewing on its blanket.

Younger dogs experience teething, and your dog may chew on its blanket for some relief from pain in its gums. On the other hand, chewing on its blanket is also marking it as a prized possession.

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