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Diapers For Ferrets (Can They Wear Them And What To Buy)

You should acquaint yourself with a few things if you plan to keep a ferret as a pet. You see, there’s no denying that ferrets are a lot of fun, but it’s important to understand that ferrets are wild by nature.

They are reputed to be complex as pets. And, if for some purpose you might want to place a diaper on your ferret, it’s wise to be prepared for some kickback.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the subject of ferrets wearing diapers and go through some of the available products that will be apt for your pet’s situation.

So, can ferrets wear diapers? Yes, ferrets can wear diapers, but you will likely need to purchase a diaper brand designed for a small dog. Keep in mind that while technically it is possible for a ferret to wear a diaper, you may find it difficult to train your ferret to consistently wear their diaper.

Know going in that you likely won’t find a diaper specifically marketed for ferrets as there are nearly no brands currently available.

However, you’re not out of options as some dog diaper brands are available in extra small and extra-extra small sizes, and may fit your tiny friend quite well.

Why Do Ferrets Need To Wear Diapers?

Putting a diaper on a ferret may not be easy, but it can certainly be done.

You see, there could be many reasons that you might want to put your pet companion in diapers:

  • Your ferret is partially paralyzed from the belly down
  • Your baby ferret is having accidents all over the house
  • Your ferret is going on a trip and you’re worried about their ability to hold their bladder
  • Your female ferret is in heat
  • Your schedule is making it diffuclt to quickyl clean up after your ferret

Now, whatever the reason you decide to put a diaper on your pet, you have to ensure that the diaper you place on your ferret is suitable for your pet.

Let’s take a look at some of the aspects you need to bear in mind when you buy a few diapers for your furball.

What To Keep In Mind When Searching For Diapers For Ferrets

As mentioned earlier, it’s unlikely that you’ll find diapers specifically designed for ferrets.

So, the best option available for ferret owners is to look for suitable alternatives. One ideal choice that comes closest to being fit for your pet is dog diapers for small-sized dogs.

Now, let’s take a look at the things you must keep an eye out for when buying dog diapers for ferrets.


You have to realize that you have a relatively small pet. With this in mind, when you choose to buy dog diapers for ferrets, you’ll have to determine the available size.

It’s ideal to purchase extra small dog diapers for young ferrets and small ones for adult ferrets. Additionally, it would be wise to make sure they mention the dog breeds that the diaper fits. 

If the brand particularly mentions dog breeds like Chihuahuas or Pomeranians, then you can be sure that the diaper will sit just right on your pet too.


You’ll be surprised by the variety available in the market when it comes to dog diapers. You can get cloth diapers; the snug fits with velcro or the same ones as baby diapers.

It is preferable to choose that diaper where the band around the waist isn’t easily loosened when your ferret tugs at it, as you will find out that your ferret will make every attempt to get its diaper off. 

Full body diapers go over your ferret’s bottom and are secured at the side of the ferret’s waist. These diapers even have a hole for the tail to go through – so that your ferret may be at ease.

Usually, these diapers are used for females when they are in heat, traveling, not potty trained, fecal incontinence, or to prevent marking.

Belly bands are lightweight diapers that are perfect for urine incontinence, only for male dogs. Belly bands naturally don’t work for female dogs or female ferrets.

Disposable Or Washable

Many pet parents opt to go for disposable diapers for their ferrets. When it comes to convenience, there’s no denying that disposable diapers are handy, especially when traveling.

However, disposable diapers do leave a rather large environmental footprint and cost quite a bit. With that in mind, it’s also a very suitable option to purchase washable diapers.

Just make sure you have a designated sealed bag to keep the soiled diapers in between washes. Also, remember to pack it along on trips!


It’s important to remind yourself that if you decide to put a diaper on your pet ferret, they will likely not be particularly happy about it. And can you blame them?

But, if your ferret is genuinely in need of one, then it’s in both of your best interests to select a diaper that will allow your ferret to be comfortable, if not truly happy.

For male ferrets with urine incontinence, it’s best to go with belly bands

However, if you have a female ferret in heat or a baby ferret in your care, you should choose a full-body dog diaper.

Seeing as how there are multiple dog diaper brands flooding the market, we’ve selected the three most popular small-dog diapers for you to choose from for your sweet ferret family member.

3 Best Dog Diapers That Will Work For Your Ferret

The products on our list will ensure that your pet ferret is getting the very best experience when it comes to diapers. 

1. Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers For Female Dogs

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A very affordable dog diaper specially designed for the extra small female dog.

With an adjustable strap that comfortably fits a waist from 9-14 inches, the simple solution dog diaper is super absorbent and fits snugly around your pet. 

The fur-friendly fasteners stay put on the wiggliest of dogs and, not to mention, ferrets.

There are 30 pieces in one pack, and the tail hole ensures extra comfort for your pet.

2. Amazon Basics Male Dog Wrap Disposable Diapers

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It’s the number one seller on Amazon, and that’s no mystery when you consider the exceptionally low price for these disposable diapers.

There is a color-changing wetness indicator that will alert you when the diaper needs changing.

The waistband fits from 8-15 inches, and it has an absorbent core with breathable layers and fur-friendly fasteners.

Not to mention, you can get a thirty-piece pack in the extra small size or choose to go with the fifty-piece package.

Plus, Amazon guarantees it to be a leak-proof diaper.

Considering that it is their best seller with a 4.45-star rating out of five, you’d hardly be making a wrong choice going for Amazon’s male dog wrap for your male ferret.

3. Petting Is Caring Washable & Reusable Female And Male Dog Diapers

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These excellent reusable diapers come in newborn sizes with a waist that can go smaller than 8 inches, with leak-proof outer material.

These diapers are designed to withstand multiple washes, be it by hand or by machine. And, they come in three cheerful colors and help you save the environment too. 

The super absorbent pad sewn into the inner layer will make the diaper comfortable for your ferret. And, the best part is that with Petting Is Caring, you get a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can happily return it with the assurance that you will get a full refund.


Keeping a ferret as a pet can be loads of fun and barrels of laughter.

Ferrets really are fascinating creatures to watch and oodles of fun to hang around with. They also can become quite affectionate when they bond with their humans.

However, make no mistake that a ferret can be a very high-maintenance pet. A pet ferret requires extra care, a specific diet, and regular medical checkups. 

While you know that your ferret has circumstances that require them to need a diaper, your ferret isn’t likely to accept that fact with a smile on their face.

After consultation with your vet, if you do feel that your ferret needs a diaper, simply be prepared that it will take patience to train your ferret to fully cooperate with wearing their diaper.

It’s likely to be a challenge both to get a diaper on your ferret in the first place and an even more difficult test of patience to train them to keep the diaper on.

It helps if your ferret is accustomed to having a diaper on and off from time to time. Also, keep in mind that this will go much more smoothly if you’ve raised your ferret from a young age and/or they are used to following a set of rules. 

We hope this list of products will assist you to make the best decision about which brand of dog diaper will suit your pet. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s pretty difficult to find a diaper specifically designed with a ferret as the customer.

Thankfully, diapers for small-sized dogs can work just as well for your pet if you’re lucky enough to have a ferret that will get on board with the arrangement.

Perhaps some extra treats will help. Best of luck!

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