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9 Best Travel Cages For Guinea Pigs

If you find yourself on the road with your guinea pig now and then, whether you’re going for vacation or trips down to the vet, you would need a safe way to take them with you.

The best option for traveling with your guinea pig would be to buy them their very own travel cage. Travel cages will keep them safe and comfortable while you’re out and about, and will keep them in one place so you don’t have to worry about them wandering around.

What is the best travel cage for guinea pigs? The right travel cage for your guinea pig would be one that they fit in comfortably, that is safe to use, and which is easy to clean as well. Other factors to consider include collapsibility, ventilation, durability, and ease of use.

In order to choose the right travel cage for your guinea pig, keep reading to find our recommendations and what you need to consider before making a purchase!

Buyer’s Guide – Travel Cages For Guinea Pigs

You and your guinea pig will have your own specific requirements and needs when traveling. So, to make sure that you choose the right travel cage, here are some of the things to consider so both you and your fuzzy buddy are satisfied.

1. Travel Cage Size

The most important thing to consider is the size of the travel cage. Your guinea pig looks bigger than what they really are because of all that fur, but they are actually quite delicate and fragile.

You might think a bigger cage is better for them, but this isn’t true. Choosing a cage that is too big could be dangerous for them, especially if you are driving and there are sudden stops and they slide around the inside of the cage.

Realistically, the travel cage should be big enough to give your guinea pig enough space to move around in, but not too much space. If you’ve had a hard time finding a guinea pig cage that is the right size, you could choose a smaller cat cage instead.

2. Safety Of The Travel Cage

You’ll want to ensure that your guinea pig is kept safe while you travel. Harder carriers are safer for longer journeys as they give more stability and structure for your guinea pig while traveling. Softer cases are fine for short journeys, but they are not as secure.

It is also much easier to close and lock harder cages, and there is no risk of the cage falling in on itself as a softer material might.

Harder travel cases are easier to place in the car too, and there is less chance of them falling over. Most have a travel-safe lockable door as well, which will ensure your guinea pig stays in the travel cage. You can put some bedding down to make it more comfortable for your guinea pig while you travel so they don’t have to be on the hard plastic bottom.

Besides comfort, one problem with a hard plastic bottom is that your guinea pig will slide around more often. They’ll need something softer to get traction and keep from sliding into the walls of the carrier.

3. Easy To Clean

There is a good chance that your guinea pig will need to go to the toilet when traveling, so you will definitely want to choose a travel cage that is easy to clean after each journey. A hard carrier is better for this, even if you put some bedding down. 

A softer carrier without a removable/washable bottom might become stained and hold onto odors after a while, and this could reduce the lifespan of the carrier quite a bit. Maintenance will definitely be a lot harder with a soft carrier, so keep this in mind when choosing which would be best for you.

4. Ventilation And Airflow

You do not want your guinea pig to feel hot and stuffy in their travel cage. It needs to have some ventilation to ensure there is proper airflow for them. Most good travel carriers will have ventilation openings on the sides and maybe even the top of the travel cage.

Good ventilation is essential to keep your guinea pig comfortable and not stuffy when out traveling. Just mind that the cage isn’t too open in cold weather, which could lead to them becoming a little too cold as well. You can always provide them with a heat pad or blanket to burrow into in the winter.

5. Easy To Carry

As you will be the one traveling with your guinea pig, you need to make sure that it is easy for you to carry!

You should be able to easily carry the travel cage around, with a handle that keeps the cage in an upright position. There are different types of carriers that can be placed on your back or with shoulder straps, and while these are easy to carry around, they do not offer that much stability when traveling by car.

Consider how you travel most often, and then decide on what type of travel cage would be best for you from there.

The Different Types Of Travel Cages For Guinea Pigs

Different types of travel cages suit different owners and their pets. Deciding on which would be best for you helps if you know the different types of carriers available.

The various types of travel cages suit different styles of traveling, whether you walk often, travel by car, or even take the subway.

These are the different types of travel cages for guinea pigs:

1. Hard Pet Carriers

Hard pet carriers, or more structured pet carriers, are the most common type. They offer the best safety for your pet when traveling, as they are strong and solid and create a safe environment for your guinea pig while traveling.

Most hard pet carriers come with good ventilation that will keep your pet cool and not feeling too stuffy. They will also have a door that can be locked closed so that there is little chance of your guinea pig escaping while traveling.

These pet carriers will also have a handle at the top which allows for easy carrying.

2. Soft Pet Carriers

Soft pet carriers seem very comfortable for guinea pigs, but they are not very safe and do not offer much protection to your pet while traveling.

It is best to only use soft pet carriers when you are going to be holding the carrier at all times, so you can be sure your guinea pig is kept safe in there. It is not a good idea to place your guinea pig in a soft pet carrier when in the car, as there is no stability offered to your pet, and the sides of the soft carrier could collapse.

Some backpack guinea pig carriers are a good option, but only if they offer good ventilation and space. You will need to keep the backpack close to you at all times.

3. Sling Pet Carriers

Sling pet carriers are becoming more and more popular, as they take up little space and ensure your pet is kept close to you. However, for guinea pigs, they are not a great option, as a guinea pig is considerably small, and could become lost in a larger sling. They could also easily get knocked or crushed when you are in a busy setting with lots of people around.

For a hands-free option, they can help, but they are not so safe for guinea pigs.

The Best Travel Cages For Guinea Pigs

Keeping in mind you and your guinea pigs needs when out traveling, and how you travel most often, take a look at the best travel cages for guinea pigs on the market.

The list below should contain the best travel cage for you, to keep your guinea pig comfortable and safe when out and about, and to make traveling that much easier for you too!

RankProductKey Features
1.Lairies Small Animal Carrier BagVentilated, transparent window, bite-proof
2.MidWest Homes For Pets Spree Pet CarrierHard crate, durable and sturdy, 3 colors
3.Yadier Collapsible Carrier2 doors, ventilated, non-slip mat, waterproof
4.Yafeco Pet CarrierClear sides, ventilated, waterproof, foldable
5.Yuepet Guinea Pig Carrier BagSoft washable bed, waterproof, clear sides
6.Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet CarrierVentilated, foldable, padded mat
7.Rypet Guinea Pig Carrier BagShoulder strap or handle, mesh side
8.ZaneSun Soft-Sided Pet CaseSide pockets, removable mat, shoulder strap
9.Kameiou Portable Guinea Pig Carrier BagVentilated, smaller option, waterproof

1. Lairies Small Animal Carrier Bag

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This small animal carrier is the perfect size for a guinea pig. The dimensions measure 10-inches by 12-inches, and it weighs less than a pound, making it ideal to carry around.

The travel bag has a transparent window in the front, which allows your guinea pig to keep an eye on the environment around them, and for you to keep a check on them as you travel.

There are three large ventilation holes in the front of the carrier, as well as two anti-bite mesh windows on either side of the bag, which ensures the bag has good ventilation and optimal airflow to keep your guinea pig cool when out and about.

With the bag, there is a removable support mat that can be machine cleaned, making maintenance wonderfully easy too.

You can either carry the bag by the top handle or by the included shoulder straps. Made from 600D Oxford fabric, the carrier and straps are sturdy and durable.

While made with softer material, this carrier has a good structure, and along with the comfortable mat and good ventilation, it will keep your guinea pig safe and happy!

2. MidWest Homes For Pets Spree Pet Carrier

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This one is the ideal pet carrier to take along on vehicle rides, when going on vacation, taking a trip to the vet, or when you need somewhere to put your guinea pig as you clean their cage.

It has been designed to be as safe as possible for your guinea pig and to keep them comfortable when they are out of the house.

The cage has all the amenities that a good pet carrier should have, such as great ventilation to keep your guinea pig cool, and a carrying handle to make it easy for you. The material used to make the pet carrier is durable and sturdy.

Being made from plastic, the pet carrier is easy to clean simply with water and a wet cloth.

You can choose between three different colors, red, blue, or green, and choose the smaller size carrier which is 19-inches in size. It is the perfect size to add some bedding into the cage to keep your guinea pig comfortable and to help them feel at ease when traveling.

3. Yadier Collapsible Carrier

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Measuring 17″ x 13″x 14″, this carrier is great for a range of smaller pets, including guinea pigs!

It has a two-door design with one door in the front and one door in the back, which allows you to remove or place your guinea pig in the carrier calmly, making it especially easy if they are hiding away in a corner. This ensures a less stressful experience for both of you.

The bag offers great ventilation and visibility, so your guinea pig can have good airflow and can see the world around them, and so you can keep a close eye on them as well.

With a padded mat on the floor, your guinea pig will be kept comfortable, and with the mat being non-slip, they won’t be sliding all over the place when you are driving around.

The waterproof bottom and top will keep your guinea pig protected when in wet weather, and it also protects you and your car seats from any mess that your guinea pig might make in the cage.

Easy to clean, safe, comfortable, and with four feet on the bottom of the bag to make it sturdy, this will last your guinea pig many years!

4. Yafeco Pet Carrier

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This bag has a capsule design, with two clear sides, and the top and two smaller sides covered in ventilation holes for proper airflow.

The capsule-like design of the pet carrier allows your guinea pig to see the world around them and to enjoy the sunshine and scenery outdoors, with 180-degree views.

Made with high-quality polymeric EVA material, the case is lightweight and portable, but still sturdy enough to keep your guinea pig safe when out traveling. It is also easy to clean and waterproof as well!

The bag can also be folded down when not in use and stored away very easily. The ventilation system gives you maximum accessibility to your guinea pig at all times, so the both of you can see each other no matter where you are.

With strong stitching and flexible zippers, you can be sure that your guinea pig will be kept safe at all times, and traveling will be made much easier for you as well!

5. Yuepet Guinea Pig Carrier Bag

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This guinea pig carrier is sized at 13.7-inches by 8.6-inches by 8.6-inches, and comes with a matching soft and washable bed to make sure your guinea pig is as comfortable as possible!

The fully transparent design of the pet carrier bag makes sure that you can keep a close eye on them whenever you are traveling, and so that they can view the scenery around them and interact with you to help calm them down.

There are openings on the top and the side of the carrier bag, along with mesh panels on the other side, to ensure there is ample airflow to keep your guinea pig cool and enjoying the breeze.

Made from light but hard material, the bag is easy and light to carry, but the hard plastic shell offers good support and stability for your guinea pig. An anti-skid mat on the bottom of the carrier helps prevent your pet from sliding around, which works to keep them safer.

As the bottom of the bag is waterproof, you can place it down on the ground or lawn and it will not become too dirty. It is easy to clean, which is especially helpful when you take your guinea pig out on long trips!

6. Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet Carrier

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This pet carrier gives you the benefits of both hard and soft carriers and is suitable for small pets such as guinea pigs.

It has a hard top and hard base which gives you proper, sturdy protection for your pet, and which gives them a nice firm surface to relax on.

The soft sides of the carrier can be folded down for easy storage, so it will not take up too much space when you are not using it. There is a padded mat on the floor which makes travel easier for your pet.

A mesh door allows for good airflow, and for you to keep a check on your guinea pig at all times.

Made from premium materials, such as YKK zippers and tough, breathable mesh, you can depend on this carrier for all of your guinea pig traveling needs!

7. Rypet Guinea Pig Carrier Bag

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There is no reason your guinea pig cannot travel in style! This guinea pig carrier from Rypet is a great option for guinea pigs that gives them a stylish way to travel around.

Made from mesh cloth, oxford cloth, and a thick aluminum film, the bag is breathable, sturdy, and comfortable for your guinea pig, with a cute leopard print design too!

There is a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, or a handle on the top of the bag. The strap can adjust to suit your height and traveling needs.

The fully zippable front allows easy access to your guinea pig, and a big area for them to enter and exit the bag from.

8. ZaneSun Soft-Sided Pet Case

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This waterproof and breathable pet carrier bag is made from a strong 600D oxford material, that allows durability but breathability to make your guinea pig more comfortable.

There are multifunctional side pockets where you can store toys and other items, and a big zipper opening that gives you room to remove your guinea pig or to simply pet them when they need some love and attention.

There is a removable mat on the inside to keep them comfy, and which makes it easy to clean the inside of the pet bag.

With a carrying handle and adjustable padded shoulder strap, you can carry your pet guinea pig around with you wherever you go!

9. Kameiou Portable Guinea Pig Carrier Bag

Check Current Price On Amazon

This one is our last great choice for traveling with your guinea pig. It is suitable for animals below 1.5lbs.

The bag itself only weighs 0.5 pounds and is designed with small breathable holes around the sides of the carrier bag to ensure your guinea pig has enough ventilation to stay cool.

There is a hand carry belt built into the top of the carrier bag, making it easy for you to grab hold of and carry the bag outside of your home.

Made with a waterproof bottom pad that is non-slip, so cleaning is made easy. The top of the bag is closed with high-quality zippers which are sturdy and strong.

The inside of the carrier bag, while waterproof, is soft and comfortable, and can be cleaned with ease.

This bag is best suited for smaller size guinea pigs, as it measures 8-inches by 6-inches by 6-inches, so for a small or baby guinea pig, they will be snug with enough space to move around slightly.

Choose this bag for when your guinea pig has a vet appointment planned, or for short travel trips.

Related Questions

Can I Travel By Plane With A Guinea Pig?

It is not advised to travel by plane with a guinea pig, as they are very delicate and sensitive to noises and changes around them. A plane ride will cause a lot of stress to your little guinea pig, and you will really have to battle to find an airline that will allow your guinea pig onboard.

Do I Need To Put Anything In The Carrier With My Guinea Pig?

You want your guinea pig to be happy and comfortable when traveling. You could add some hay, bedding, a hideaway, and even some water-rich vegetables in their travel case. This will make them feel more at home and will make the trip easier.

Just make sure to clean the carrier properly after each trip!

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