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7 Best Stainless Steel Dog Food Containers

It’s an undeniable fact that pet parents across the globe love their fur babies. Yet, vets find that pets fall ill repeatedly due to a lack of attention to the storage of food. So it becomes necessary for pet guardians to look for ways to preserve the freshness of the food as well as the kibble they feed to their beloved companions.

It’s natural for your dog to believe that the chicken wing it stole off your dinner table is a perfectly healthy meal. But it isn’t your dog’s job to make sure it gets a healthy and balanced meal. That’s your job. And how do you keep your dog’s food fresh and healthy? An airtight storage container.

What are the best stainless steel dog food containers? The best stainless steel dog food containers will seal airtight and be large enough for your needs. You may also want to consider options that have such features as being spillproof or including a food scoop for your convenience.

When dog food, whether dry or wet, becomes exposed to air, high temperatures, and moisture, it affects the freshness of the dog food and can even make way for bad bacteria. And it can very well make your dog sick. 

So, we’ve rounded up a few of the best stainless steel dog food containers for your consideration, as well as a quick guide to maintaining the freshness of your pup’s dinner.

What To Do With Dog Food To Maintain Its Freshness?

When it comes to the storage of dry or wet dog food, there are always specific instructions that you can find even on the kibble bag or the tin can to help you preserve the quality of the food. Generally, wet food will be packaged in individual servings in airtight cans already, so we’ll be focusing on dry food in this article.

1. Seal The Bag

When you cut open a bag of kibble, you need to seal the bag afterward. The air and moisture in the environment will contaminate the dog food with bacteria. So even the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends using a seal clip to ensure that the dog food remains fresh.

2. Store In Air Tight Containers

It is also a good idea that you use an airtight container. Now, stainless steel containers are a much better option as they can be easily cleaned, and these containers come in various sizes. So you won’t have to worry that all of the kibbles won’t fit into one container.

Moreover, stainless steel containers don’t wear away as quickly as plastic containers. Plastic containers leach chemicals and unpleasant odors into the food. 

3. Keep It Clean

You can store the dog food in the stainless steel container with its packaging, which acts as an added layer of protection against the elements.

Also, don’t forget to wash the container whenever you are about to place a new dry dog food bag into the stainless steel container. If you don’t wash the storage containers, there will be a layer of oil that will collect around the inside of the container that will cause the kibble to go rancid after a while.

Always take care to follow the instructions on the cleaning method to apply when washing these storage containers. Not all kinds of stainless steel containers are dishwasher-proof.  

4. Store in a Cool, Dry Spot

High temperatures can lead to moisture in the kibble and make the nutrients in the food start to break down. Molding is a direct result of humidity and hot weather.

So, the best way to ensure that the quality of the kibble stays good is to store the food in a dry and cool place. Never expose the food to direct sunlight and keep it away from areas where there is sure to be too much moisture or heat. 

5. Out Of Reach Of Your Dogs And Children

It isn’t just your dog or cats that shouldn’t have easy access to their food. Even your human babies should not have easy access to their pet’s food. You see, many times, kids overfeed their pets, thinking that it is a mercy. But any adult pet parent will know that overfeeding is one of the worst things you can do to your dog.

6. Only Buy As Much As You Need

Many parents tend to bulk buy, as that is always the cheaper option. But buying too much dry or wet dog food can mean that the food can go past its expiration date. And then it is never safe to feed your pets any food that is expired.

Also, when you buy too much food, you need places to store it, which better be dry and cool, or else you are exposing food to the elements that are bound to make the food go bad.

7. Freeze It If You Don’t Have A Choice

Unfortunately, many parents bulk buy expensive high-quality dog food in bulk, as that is the only way they can afford it. Now, the best bet for you and your pet is to store the food in the freezer.

If you have too much dry or wet dog food, and you are planning to let it stay in the garage in the heat, then it’s better that you store the extra food in the freezer.

The only disadvantage you will face is that you will be required to thaw the food before feeding your pet. But at the very least, you will not have to worry that your pet is eating bacteria-infested, moldy food.

Seven Best Stainless Steel Containers

There are many things to look for when buying a stainless steel airtight container. You have to keep in mind that the company you are buying from guarantees that the seal around the lid is airtight, and if that is not the case, they will happily accept the return of their product.

Furthermore, it would be best if you kept an eye on the pricing and the quality assurance of the product. Moreover, it would help if you also kept an eye out for the different sizes available in the market. So, without further ado, let’s review some of the products available at Amazon.

1. Simplehuman Large Pet Food Storage Container

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With a capacity of 30 liters, you’ll be amazed at the size of the container that Simplehuman brings for you. They ensure an airtight seal as there is a silicone gasket around the lid to make sure the food inside remains fresh. 

They even provide their consumers with a measuring scoop that magnetically attaches itself to the underside of the lid so that you don’t have to waste time looking around for a scoop.

The inner bucket is removable, BPA-free plastic that can easily be washed. The stainless steel exterior is finger-print free. And the design of this container is sleek and elegant, making it possible to fit into tight, confined spaces. 

Not to mention, they even added wheels to the design, so you won’t have to put too much effort into moving the container around.

2. S’nack By S’well Stainless Steel Food Container

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Now, if you are a fan of everything pretty and summery, then look no further than this adorable container. These containers are small and compact for travel.

These containers are double-wall insulated; hence they keep your dog’s food warm or cold, however your dog likes it.

These containers are dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to worry about washing the container yourself every time you want to fill it up with fresh food. 

They offer a leakage-free lid with a condensation-free exterior. And the BPA/BPS-free and premium grade stainless steel will also help you keep the environment free of single-use plastic products. Moreover, you also get to choose from a variety of fun and trendy looks.

3. Outshine White Farmhouse Pet Food Bin 

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Here is a unique option for you when it comes to food storage containers for pets. Outshine provides you with stickers to add your pet’s name to this container.

The tight steel lid ensures the freshness of your dog’s food. And they even give you the 100% satisfaction guarantee where they make sure that if you don’t like the product, they will happily take back their product and give you a full refund. 

While not exactly stainless steel, Outshine uses a powder-coated carbon steel container to ensure that the quality of your dog food is not affected by air or moisture.

And, unlike glass containers that shatter easily or plastic ones that often leave a faint odor in the food, this container will only keep the food safe from the negative impact of the elements.

4. The PetSteel Rustic Silver Dog Pet Food Storage Set

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PetSteel offers you airtight storage lids in stainless steel containers that keep your beloved pet’s food fresh and crisp.

You can be sure you’ll receive compliments from your guests about your decorative taste. But it isn’t just rustic decor that PetSteel offers.

This is a set that inlcludes both the large and small versions for dogs that have different dietary needs, kibble and treats, or if you feed your dog a few different types of kibble.

This set includes matching scoops too, and these containers are easy to wash by hand as they are pretty lightweight. Also, with PetSteel, you can get a variety of different designs as well as colors for your dog food storage containers.

5. Vumdua Dog Food Container With Scoop

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This dog treat container measures 6.69 (length) x 5.9 (width) x 9.05 (height). It can hold up to 6 lbs of kibble.

These storage containers are made of food-safe, powder-coated galvanized steel, so you need not worry that the container will fall and shatter into pieces. 

The airtight rubber seal lid design ensures that the moisture is locked out and the freshness stays in.

And you get a steel scoop that conveniently hangs on the side of the container to provide you with the ease of a clean scoop.

6. YouThink Travel Pet Food Containers

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So, you have an option for you and your pet while you travel. You see, you need to keep fresh food on hand for your pet even when you travel and YouThink makes that possible for you.

There are three layers, with 17oz in the first two layers and 34oz in the last layer. These containers are BPA-free and spillproof, so you won’t have a problem when you store water for your fur baby too. 

YouThink is so sure of their product satisfaction that they offer you a money-back guarantee if you don’t like their product and a 365-day warranty so that if you feel that something isn’t working right, you can send it over to have it fixed. 

YouThink doesn’t just promise airtight containers; they provide water-tight containers, which means that even if your container is turned upside down, nothing is going in, and nothing from the inside is coming out. That means you can easily bring both food and water with you when you take your dog to the park.

7. Artisan Village Pet Canisters

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Here’s another great-looking product that will stand out on your kitchen counters and get you compliments in abundance.

But it functions perfectly as a dog food storage container. It is made from heavy-duty stainless steel, so you need not worry about any damage coming to the canister from rough use. 

It guarantees the freshness of your dog’s food with its airtight lid, and you also get a full refund guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied using the Artisan Village pet canister.

Note that this container is small and not meant for large dogs.


Being a pet parent is never an easy task. You become responsible for the well-being of another precious life. It’s essential that you pay attention to even the slightest of factors.

And when it comes to the diet of your pet, you can’t cut corners. You see, it doesn’t matter if you provide your dog with a healthy lifestyle if the food you give your pet is of subpar quality. And even if you buy high-quality dog food but do not take the time to store it better, you will eventually be feeding your pet food that is full of bacteria and mold.

So, you must use stainless steel containers or airtight containers of a similar material to store your dog food. And remember to keep these containers in dry, cool places.

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