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3 Best Silent Chinchilla Wheels

Chinchillas make adorable pets. But they can be skittish and hyper in new environments. So when you adopt a chinchilla, the best thing to do is to make it as comfortable in its new environment as possible.

It is also a good idea not to impose your presence on the chinchilla forcefully. Instead, it would help if you allowed your furbaby to get used to your being around at their own pace.

Now, you may know that chinchillas are much like any other rodent, such as mice or hamsters. Hence, they can quickly get bored and out of shape if they don’t exercise.

The best way to keep them comfortable, happy, and healthy when they can’t get some time outside the cage is to get them a running wheel. But some wheels can keep you up all night with their squeaking.

So, what are the best silent chinchilla wheels? The best silent chinchilla wheels not only produce little to no sound when being used but are also made of non-toxic, high-quality, durable materials.

When it comes to placing an exercise wheel in your chinchilla’s cage, you must be careful to pick out something sturdy and quiet. So, read on to discover the best three silent chinchilla wheels.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Chinchilla Wheel

Here are some things ot keep in mind as you shop for a chinchilla wheel that won’t keep you up at all hours of the night.

1. Noise

It is of epic importance that the wheel you place in your furbaby’s cage works produces the least amount of sound as possible. It may be impossible for your chinchilla not to make any sound at all at night, but the quieter their toys are, the better.

2. Size

Chinchillas don’t stay small like hamsters. Instead, they grow in size and weight, and it’s best to stick to options designed explicitly for chinchillas to ensure that your furbaby has a good time.

3. Material

You may get away with a plastic wheel for a hamster. But there’s no way you’ll manage that with a chinchilla. So, when you vote out plastic, you still have a great variety of wooden and metal wheels that work perfectly for chinchilla cages.

4. Price

There isn’t a doubt that plastic wheels for chinchillas are way cheaper than wooden or metal wheels. But, you will still get several options that range from the top-end price tags for chinchilla wheels to more affordable pricing for some quality workout time for your chinchilla.

3 Best Silent Chinchilla Wheels

Now, it is never easy to pick out the right wheel for your chinchilla when you have such excellent options. You can read on to find out about the three best choices that are available at Amazon.

1. Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin Wheel

Check Current Price on Amazon

Here’s a fantastic chinchilla wheel that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It’s handcrafted, made with wood and metal frames, and comes with a full cashback warranty lasting up to a year.

This wheel comes in multiple colors, with dual ball bearings for lasting performance and a tail-safe open-wheel design.

So, it guarantees that your chin will be safe using the design, have a great time, and won’t be making any sounds to disturb you while you sleep.

2. Felix & Fido Treadmill Wheel

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The conventional design of wheels put into rodent cages can cause spinal and tail injuries in animals.

But, this design prevents such injuries from occurring. It does take some learning from your chinchilla to get the hang of this workout wheel, but it is 100% safe.

Moreover, it is entirely made of steel, guaranteeing long life and no chewable parts.

And the ball bearings ensure that you do not get disturbed every time your chinchilla feels the urge to shed a few calories. Also, you can be sure to have the product delivered straight to your home address without any shipping costs.

3. Exotic Nutrition 15” Chin Sprint Wheel 

Check Current Price on Amazon

This option is a 100% metal chinchilla wheel that is super easy to clean, does not crack or splinter, and cannot be chewed.

Moreover, this wheel does not absorb any odors or retain any stains. The wheel comes with a 6-inch wide track, so your chinchilla can keep their balance.

It’s extra quiet because of the ball bearings. And, the 15” diameter prevents curvature of the spin, and its construction reduces the risk of tail entanglement.


A complete workout is as healthy for your chinchilla as it is for you. And, when it comes to spending in the way of caring for your chinchilla, you’ll have little to worry about once your chin has its cage set up.

But, it makes sense at times to spend a little more on the onset to save yourself from the trouble of replacing wheels in your chinchilla’s cage, especially if you want to sleep soundly at night.

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